Pak Studies - Ideology of Pakistan: Origin and Background (MCQS, Fill in the Blanks)

 Pak Studies - Ideology of Pakistan: Origin and Background (MCQS, Fill in the Blanks)

Ideology of Pakistan: Origin and Background


1. The concept of political ideology emerged in early _____________ century.
Ans:  19th

2. These certain common traits in almost every _____________ throughout the world are same.
Ans:  Ideology

3. The function of ideology is like a ______________in the structure of a nation.
Ans: Backbone

4. Ideology is a motivational and very significant _____________ behind the development of a nation.
Ans:  Force

5. The ideology of Pakistan passed through different phases and _____________ process.
Ans:  Evolutionary

6. The Hindus and the Muslims are two different nations on the basis of two nation_____________.
Ans:  Theory


7. The Indus Valley was a land of great fertility irrigated by_____________ Rivers.
Ans: Five

8. Urban settlements and cities developed during the _____________  BCE.
Ans: 3000

9. The ________________ planning was the most significant feature of Indus valley civilization. 
Ans:  Town 

10. The streets were straight and interconnected with each other in _______pattern. (crisscross) 
Ans:  Force

11. The Indus people were aware about the use of _______except iron.
Ans:  Metals 

12. _____________was one of the busy and popular port.
Ans: Lothal

13. The class of _____________ lived barracks like small quarters.
Ans: Laborers


14. Geographically, Gandhara was a ___________piece of land.
Ans: Triangular

15. Hundreds of monasteries and stupas were built by the _____________ the great.
Ans:  Ashok

16. The styles developed and matured here were ____________ in neighboring countries.
Ans: Limitated

17. Gandhara ______________ _is always been connected with Buddhism. 
Ans: Civilzation

18. _____________ took highly interest in constructing stupas.
Ans: Ashok


19. The Muslim nationalism started in the _____________when first Indian embraced Islam.
Ans: Sub-Continent

20. A deep study of the history proves that the Muslim _____________ emerged with the advent of Islam.
Ans: Nationalism

21. Before advent of Islam, People of sub-continent were _____________ into different social factions through rigid caste system.
Ans: Divided

22. Arab traders and Muslim Sufis _____________ Islamic teachings to the people of the subcontinent.
Ans: Introduced

23. Deen-e-Ilahi and Bakhti movements etc created a strong _____________ and anger among the Muslim religious scholars.
Ans: Reaction

24. In 1857,  the War of Independence  was a _____________ point of their fortune.
Ans: Turning

25. Muslim gentry opposed the creation of ________________________.
Ans: Creation


26. The battle of _________created a huge gulf and mistrust between British and Muslims.
Ans: 1857

27. In the political sphere, Sir Syed observed that _______________ projected the Hindus demands.
Ans: Congress

28. Sir Syed established a ______________to promote modern knowledge and English.
Ans: Scientific Society

29. Iqbal ______________ the prevalent concept of Territorial Nationalism in his poem.)
Ans: Rejected

30. Islam as complete code of life appeared in a world as antithesis of _____________.
Ans:  Ideology

31. Jinnah entered in politics in ___________when he joined Indian National Congress.
Ans: 1906

32. Quid-i-Azam rejected the ____________on the basis of Hindu bigotry and prejudice.
Ans:  Nehru Report

33. he congress established its government through the _____________ Act.
Ans:  1935


34. The Two-Nation Theory provided _____________ to demand for Pakistan.
Ans: Logic

35. Pakistan ideology is erected on the base of two ________________________ theory.
Ans:  Nation

36. The principles of Islamic democracy ensure the rights of ____________ in Pakistan.
Ans:  Minorities

37. In an Islamic State rights and duties are closely _____________and both go hand in hand.
Ans: Conected

38. Muslims were living in _____________ with their distinctive identity.
Ans: Sub-Continent

39. The backwardness of the  Muslims in every field created a huge identity _________.
Ans: Crises

40. Pakistan __________provides economic opportunities and social equality to all people.
Ans: Government .
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